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TOM Talk Episode Two – Employee Interview with Marci Webb

We are so excited for TOM Talk Episode Two! Our President, Michael Kuentz interviews our General Manager – Marci Webb. Watch below – transcript added for ADA. We hope you’ll share these videos with your friends and tune in to learn more about our company and employees!

Transcript (Speakers: [MK] Michael Kuentz – President, [MW] Marci Webb)

(00:00-00:05): Words on screen; TOM TALK – POWERED BY TRINITY OAKS MORTGAGE

(00:05-00:46): MK – You know, I want to spend so much more time this year, getting back to reaching people and through reaching people, this business we’ll keep doing what we know God has intended for it to do.  I do feel like we, we got busy being busy again and in the virtual world that we’re in now.  we can still, God can still do amazing things and he can,  not only reach our employees, reach vendors, reach people that show up on LinkedIn and go, who is this company again? What are they doing?

(00:46-00:51): Words on screen; TOM TALK – Let’s Talk with… Marci Webb

(00:52-01:38): MK – Hey, TOM (Trinity Oaks Mortgage) Family.  Welcome to our second edition of  TOM Talk. And today, we all have the privilege of getting to know Marci Webb just a little bit better. I have had the pleasure and joy of being able to work with Marci now for almost two years. And I can tell you, there are special people in this company. But she is definitely at the top of my list in terms of special people. Her heart is just as big as gold and, she wants nothing but success for Trinity Oaks, for the JH Family of Companies and really her heart is to reach people. And so we’re just blessed to have Marci today on the call. Marci. Welcome.

(01:39-01:43): MW – Thank you so much, Michael. It’s a joy to be here.

(01:43-01:56): MK – Terrific. So. Yeah, we’ll just kind of go all over the map a little bit.

(01:48-01:48): MW – Sure.

(01:49-01:55): MK – And, but let’s start with a real easy one. How long have you been with Trinity Oaks Mortgage?

(01:56-02:15): MW – Four and a half years.  Trinity Oaks Mortgage opened its doors in March. Five years ago. And I came along the following August. So, we were brand spanking new when I came in the door and, have been working for the kingdom ever since.

(02:16-02:46): MK – Yeah. So, you got to see it when it was itsy bitsy. And now, now we look at us,  gosh, it’ll be five years, I guess, coming up here soon. And we are, gosh, we did, you know, almost $400 million last year in production. You know, our giving to the kingdom was just, through the roof. God’s blessing there, come a long way in a very short amount of time. Haven’t we?

(02:46-04:33): MW – It’s amazing to think. It’s such a God story. How I landed at Trinity Oaks to begin with. I was brought on board with absolutely no mortgage experience whatsoever.
35 plus years in human resources. And, I’m very good friends with Christine Walton and then even better friends with her parents. And I remember being at her parents’ house for dinner, and she was telling me about this brand new company that she was thinking about going to work for. And they were really Christ centered and I specifically remember her saying, “and they even give bibles after the closing.” And so fast forward, she reached out to me and said, we’re looking for the compliance person. And I said, well, Christine, you realize, you know, I have no mortgage experience at all. And she said, we’re looking for the right kind of people and we’re going to train you. And so after several more disclaimers, I came on board without ever interviewing with anybody and there were about 12 of us. And of the 12 of us, six were sitting in one room, almost literally shoulder to shoulder. And I remember the first month that I was there, I believe we sent out 21 Bibles to our customers, and fast forward to now, it’s been absolutely a joy to watch. Trinity Oaks just thrives as we continue to be obedient, as we continue to all do whatever it takes. And I’m kind of one of those, whatever, do whatever it takes kind of people. So I’ve done everything. Including emptying the trash. I mean, you know, whatever needs to happen to make this company grow is why I get up in the morning.

(04:33-05:17): MK – Yeah. And I can, I’m a witness to that. I have seen you roll up your sleeves, you know, I call you the get it done, girl, cause you really can. You find a way, no matter what the task is and you truly try to learn it. And so that, that we, as a company are protected. I can’t thank you enough because through this growth period, you know, as the general manager, but then also as a part of our compliance team,  you’ve had to wear many hats. You’ve had to do many things from licensing to ordering stuff for the office to handling, you know, some of our credit card charges too.

(05:17-05:17): MW – Yeah.

(05:17-05:31): MK – To talking with our compliance attorney. So you really do a little bit of everything. What is, what is one thing that you are currently trying to make a habit out of?

(05:37-06:39): MW – On a personal level? I’m trying to, redouble my efforts to memorize scripture. I have kind of fallen by the wayside on that habit, to be honest with you. And then I realized that, that was not where I wanted to be. So, I’ve been making an effort to memorize scripture, not just, Oh, I know that’s somewhere Philippians, but to actually know where it is and the context of it and then commit it to memory.  It’s kind of arrows in my quiver for throughout the day. If I lose my focus or lose my joy, I can pull one of those out and say it to myself and contemplate on it. And, that’s really something that I strive to do regularly. It’s not, not always easy. I find myself I’m getting the gist of it, but not necessarily all the words, but I’m on the right track.

(06:39-07:11): MK – Yeah. And, and that’s the great thing about our relationship with God too. Is,  you know, when we, as a company have a mission to reach people for Christ,  because of your faithfulness to that, wanting to commit yourself to that, when those opportunities present themselves, where you can share your heart or share the good news of Christ. He’ll provide you with the exact scripture and you’ll be prepared. So that’s an awesome habit, that I pray for you on this year.

(07:11-07:11): MW – Thank you.

(07:11-07:15): MK – So what energizes you outside of work?

(07:16-08:53): MW – Well, several things. Primarily my, focus in life, if you will, is to try to bring joy. Whether that be by helping somebody, whether that be by making them smile, giving them a helping hand.  I would love to know that when my time on earth comes to an end, that people associate me with, with joy. So that’s the overall mission. And, on a personal level, I have a weekly virtual Bible study with my ladies at church, and that energizes me just to keep me connected and focused. I’ve also started, this has kind of been interrupted by COVID. But, once a week, I have dinner with someone in my life with whom I don’t want to lose contact. Whether it be a college roommate, a childhood friend, a brother-in-law, my sister’s widowed husband. Whoever it is, I just rotate, and just try to keep in contact with those people, just so that I don’t lose them in my life and that I’m able to spread joy to them. And of course, lastly, but certainly, certainly not at least is my family.  They are, you know, the fact that I’m a mom, is the reason I’m here on earth. My husband and I have been married 33 years, so we have a wonderful loving family home. And that also energizes me.

(08:53-09:14): MK – Awesome. So good. So, you’ve worn many hats inside the organization. I know that you have goals and desires to really start to narrow that focus. So, talk to me about some professional goals this year.

(07:16-10:06): MW – Right now, I am, deeply in the midst of obtaining my mortgage compliance professional level one. And, that is something that I’d like to finish in 2021, so that I can then begin level two. It’s something that benefits the company, certainly, but it also benefits me because it gives me a greater context of what I’m doing for compliance. It’s giving me a lot of background education that I didn’t come with, and it makes me feel accomplished to get through those modules and move on to the next one. So I’m trying to narrow my focus to compliance. Although, I will always be the person that does whatever. But, I would like to improve my skills in the compliance field.

(10:06-10:33): MK – Well, that is an, I think that is, news and noteworthy for everybody that, that will hear this message is you’re investing in yourself. You’re sharpening your saw if you will. I think that’s great. I think, I think we need to be constantly looking at our trade and the skills that is required to be better at that trade. So what drives you?

(10:37-11:36): MW – I want to be a part of a team that is doing the right things. At all times. And I found that in Trinity Oaks. I want nothing more than to see this company succeed. I’ve literally  put, blood, sweat and tears into it, like many, many people. So, every day that I come to work, I want to learn how to do something better. Learn how to do something more efficiently.  You know, reach out to someone. I’m kind of a behind the scenes person. So, I don’t often interact with customers, but when I do have the chance to do that, I want them to have a great experience. So, that’s what drives me on a professional level. And of course, on a personal level, it’s to do what we do professionally, and that is to reach people for Christ and give to the kingdom. Whether that, that pretty much sums it up both personally and professionally.

(11:36-11:43): MK – That’s good. Good stuff. So, if you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

(11:48-12:24): MW – The obvious answer is the Bible. But that’s actually more of a quest that I’m enjoying learning about. If I could snap my fingers and be an expert, it would definitely be mortgage law. Because, oh my goodness, there is so much to learn and it’s ever changing and which is what keeps it interesting. But, it would benefit everyone if I could snap my fingers and be a mortgage law expert. But, short of that, that’s why I keep striving. But, yeah, that’s, that would be wonderful to be able to do that.

(12:24-12:41): MK – Yeah. I think everybody that’s in this business and you as someone who, you know, didn’t know mortgage at all to now four and a half years later, you’ve been in this business.
I’ve been in this business for 22 – 23 years, if not a day, that I’m not learning something.

(12:41-12:41): MW – Right.

(12:42-13:41): MK – And I think that’s the joy of this industry is that it’s ever changing. But, you know, at the end of it all, we’re serving a pretty great purpose and that is helping people realize their American dream. So, Marci. You’re a joy to work with. You’re a joy to have on this team. I know that there’s so many people on this call that know that to be true. And hopefully those that haven’t had the pleasure of, of, getting to know you personally, feel a little bit more of what we all get to feel on a regular basis. So, I want to thank you for everything you do for Trinity Oaks, the (JH) Family of Companies, for individuals within the four walls of this company every day. And even though you don’t necessarily talk to customers, because you are such a great partner, throughout the organization that love is felt then by the customer for what you show to people internally. So, thank you.

(13:41-13:52): MW – Thank you Michael. It is my honor and privilege to be here. And, I just look forward to every day where we get the chance to work together and it’s a blessing to be led by you. So thank you very much.

(13:52-13:54): MK –Awesome. All right. Thanks Marci.

(13:54-13:55): MW – You bet.

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