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TOM Talk Episode Eight – Employee Interview with Sharon Kane

We are so excited for TOM Talk Episode Eight! Our President, Michael Kuentz interviews one of our expert Loan Advisors – Sharon Kane. Watch below – transcript added for ADA. We hope you’ll share these videos with your friends and tune in to learn more about our company and employees!

Transcript (Speakers: Michael Kuentz – President, Sharon Kane – Loan Advisor)


Michael Kuentz: Yeah. They say to forgive is to set a prisoner free and then discover that the prisoner was you.

Sharon Kane: Yeah.

Michael Kuentz: It is a freeing and it, you know, it doesn’t mean you forget you, you that’s not it, but to forgive is, is something that is so. Freeing and a release from you in a weight lifted. And so I’m so glad you discovered that. I think it’s all, it’s a great reminder for us all and that daily, we should be forgiving those around us.

Words on screen; TOM TALK – Let’s talk with… Sharon Kane

Michael Kuentz: Hey, TOM family, welcome to another edition of TOM Talk. You know, we’re excited. To be able to welcome Sharon Kane into the TOM Talk seat this week. It’s exciting because yeah, I haven’t had the chance to personally meet Sharon. And so to be able to talk to Sharon like this through Teams it feels really good. It’s been a, been a long time since we’ve talked. So Sharon, welcome to the TOM Talk.

Sharon Kane: Well, thank you for having me truly.

Michael Kuentz: Yeah, of course. Well, so let’s do some of the quick tactical questions. What do you do for us? How long have you been here and where do you reside in the state of Texas?

Sharon Kane: So, first answer is I’m a loan advisor. Which, those in the industry would wonder what a loan advisor is in comparison to a loan officer. And to me, I think there’s a drastic difference.

Michael Kuentz: Tell us. Yeah, please.

Sharon Kane: Gosh, a loan advisor as a counselor is a partner with the client. And the thing that I love about Trinity Oaks is we bring them into the fold of the family. I mean, we literally guide them as if they were a family member and as if it were something that we would want for ourselves. Right. I mean, it’s just, it’s all about. Cause we, we know, we know we all know others in the industry and the pace is so fast and many times the client is forgotten and they become another number right in the process.

The biggest thing that, and I’m, gosh, I know for a fact I work with the best people in the industry. I know it. I know it, I know it.. Yeah, I really do. Whether it’s my fellow brothers and sisters, or it’s the processors or the underwriters, because we, when there’s a calling and there’s a special need on a file or a client, everybody rallies it’s with heart. And many times, because of that, I have realtors. I have clients calling for family members that, you know, and just need us to take it over and fix it and get them Home, you know, it’s just.

Michael Kuentz: Terrific.

Sharon Kane: It’s something that’s just amazing. You know, it’s just, it’s a gift.

Michael Kuentz: It is. And I’m so glad you brought that distinction because Loan Advising versus just simply being a Loan Officer. And this is that we’re not trying to be disparaging towards the titling of these things, but I think we, within our industry, are moving into a new world where we’re helping people create wealth. And when you help people create wealth you’re not just simply a transactional person anymore. You are, you are advising. You’re a part of the future of their wealth creation. And so I think that is it’s paramount that we really draw that distinction. But through the process, like you talked about make them feel like they’re a part of something new and different and special because number one, we want them to come back to us the next time they think about home financing or the next time that they want to refer somebody. But we want to be that counselor, that special advisor throughout the process to where it makes it seamless and less stressful. So that’s good.

Sharon Kane: Most definitely because many come, whether it’s just filling out the initial application or they’ve been to somebody else regardless, there is a fear factor and an anxiety factor, and I don’t care who they are. They could be the fifth time home buying. It’s just, there is so much fear-based there will it all go through? Will it, you know, whether it’s a new build or a refinance or, you know, existing home, regardless of the process, there is a fear-based and we are the calm in that, we are the calm when they’re at the dinner table and they start to think about things and worry. They reach out because we’re not eight to five, we’re there as a partner.

Michael Kuentz: That’s good. Yeah. And you know, you talk about the stress when you have a supply and demand issue. Like we have right now in our marketplace and you’ve got, you know, Not just 10,000 over asking the 25 and 50 and upwards of a hundred thousand dollars. In some cases over asking, it can be extremely stressful for that pre-qualified buyer. That’s trying to go out on the market. And make a winning offer on a home, right?

Sharon Kane: Oh my gosh, absolutely. It’s painful. And some just don’t have that equity to offer that much. So they have to go down the road and it just, yes, it’s heartbreaking, but that’s where we’re the encouragers because God has a plan and that perfect home is there for them. They have to just be patient. And if it happens and I could give you a list of people that it’s happened to. So it’s all in believing God has a plan and he will deliver.

Michael Kuentz: Amen on that. So you’ve been with us for how long now?

Sharon Kane: I’m excited to say one year and five months as of yesterday!

Michael Kuentz: Congratulations. That’s awesome. Okay. Where do you live?

Sharon Kane: So I’m outside, I’m in the Austin area, but I service all of Texas. I mean, I was just in Houston and I was in Dallas. Yeah, it doesn’t matter.

Michael Kuentz: You do some loans up in Colorado as well.

Sharon Kane: I do, I do. And I actually have one at the end of the month that I’m flying in for. So, Oh, my first time, home buyers and nurtured them every step of the way don’t spend, don’t spend, you know, it’s young couples, so we’re, they’re calling me, but we really want this couch. Wait

Michael Kuentz: Just wait.

Sharon Kane: Wait. I know you said that but it’s only, I know, but it’ll look prettier when you’re closed because you won’t have enough. So, you know, it’s all about that. Just getting them there

Michael Kuentz: That’s awesome.

Sharon Kane: I love what we do. I mean, it’s just the thrill of the fight sometimes. Then we get them there.

Michael Kuentz: What a difference-maker to that. You’re going to be on an airplane to go see them. And I can, I could probably answer this next question, but what makes you feel inspired or like your best self?

Sharon Kane: You could, because hands down it’s God the gift of giving, but you know what, Michael, it’s not just, it’s not just loans. And I, I know I echo a lot of my brothers and sisters within TOM because we all think the same way. I don’t care if we’re at the grocery store and someone needs help. There is not something more soul-fulfilling than helping. The gift of being able to help. Right. I mean, it just is, I don’t know. It just, to me, it hits me the soul and that we get we’re on the giving side and we get the gifts.

Michael Kuentz: Yeah.

Sharon Kane: And return. I mean, it’s just, it’s magic.

Michael Kuentz: Yeah. You know, it’s interesting. Cause I love how you put that. It, you know, our mission is to reach people for Christ and give to the kingdom, whether you do a loan with us or not mission is to reach people for Christ and give to the kingdom. And I think that is what makes it special. I hear more and more stories around the company. About people that may or may not do a loan with us. And in some cases they can’t do a loan with us. Cause they’re there, they’re not at that qualification stage, but somehow we’ve helped them. Or maybe people we just pass on the street, but I hear a special story. That’s the story is when we want to raise up, because our mission is further than a transaction. It’s further than just a home it’s, it’s truly helping them find their way to their eternal home. And that’s a big fundamental difference in our heart and how we serve people.

Sharon Kane: Yes, that’s, that’s absolutely huge. Huge.

Michael Kuentz: So I could probably answer this question. What drew you to start working for Trinity Oaks Mortgage?

Sharon Kane: Well, you know what I have to say? It was just an incredibly pinnacle time. It just, it happened overnight. I don’t know that, but I was starting to feel with my current company and I come from corporate America. So I know how it works on the world is big enough for all the mortgage companies. And but the company I was working for was actually changing their structure. And to me, it was not in the favor of the client. So that’s where I felt, gosh, I’m not fulfilling my heart’s desire, which is to truly make an impact and help. And that’s when I just happened to talk to somebody, a branch manager that was working for TOM that actually called me and said cause she too had worked for the prior company and said, gosh, you know, I know blah, blah.

So I, you know, I thought about and started asking questions. And then when I went, Oh my gosh, faith-based. Yeah, that was divine intervention, even though, you know, there was another company that, you know, I just didn’t, I didn’t even look back. I was so confused it’s to the point. I mean, you’re going to think this is silly, many did, but I hit the President’s Club with my prior company and I left like literally a day before the trip to The Bahamas and all this stuff, but I didn’t even look back that didn’t matter to me what matters. I mean, what fills the soul at the end of the day is that, so yeah, there, I have not looked back. I have not regretted a second of it. I mean, I just love it.

Michael Kuentz: That’s good stuff, hearing that you burned the boats is that say, you know, there’s a book that I, I try to go back and read every few years, it’s called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. And it talks about there’s. The second chapter of the book is a, is a chapter on faith and, and certainly, you know, faith in our, and our Lord and Savior, but also faith in yourself as making the decision to be able to say, This is where my path is now. It’s no longer here. So thank you for being a part of TOM, because that, you know, you truly burned the boats to be here. So we appreciate that. And I hope to see you on President’s Club for next year. I’m sure you got the video and all that.

Sharon Kane: I did.

Michael Kuentz: So we look forward to having you on that trip once you hit the qualification. So. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

Sharon Kane: So mom, mom, mom, and you’re going to think that’s silly, but you know, not only just from my kids, let me call mom, wait, I’m going to call mom, wait, I’m going to call, you know, I have three adult kids and you know, that’s a compliment because usually, they know everything right.

Michael Kuentz: Right.

Sharon Kane: But aside from that, what, even in the industry, I became the mortgage mom. I mean, at a very early time and you know, my. Career. And there were people calling me mortgage mom, and I’m like, I’m not old enough to be your mother, but I also didn’t want to be in a box so those that were older than me. I said, you know, I know you’ve heard I’m called the mortgage mom, but I mom your file. I mother your file. I won’t mother, you, you know.

Michael Kuentz: That’s good.

Sharon Kane: But I said, all it means is that I’m going to nurture this every step of the way. I’ll keep it posted, et cetera. And it was so funny because I’ve been called, you know, mortgage mom, my My God gifted mom. I, you know that and yesterday a new one came up because of course, it’s how pinnacle mother’s day. And a new one came up my second mama, which I thought, and that was a client that closed last month, you know, so I thought.

Michael Kuentz: Oh, how touching.

Sharon Kane: But yeah, so I tried to not go into a box of mortgage mom because I don’t want to exclude those that wouldn’t fit that, but many do come as you know, for, for the mortgage mom.

Michael Kuentz: Wow. So and. Happy post Mother’s Day to you. I hope you have a great day yesterday. And we celebrate moms. The sacrifice that moms make is something that dads couldn’t hold a candle to not to say that dads aren’t important, but moms truly are the nurturing, loving, toughest people. I know. So thank you for being a mom. We appreciate you.

Sharon Kane: It’s an honor to be a mom.

Michael Kuentz: Absolutely. So what’s the most important thing that you’ve learned in your life? You know, something that what was your life like before learning it? And then what is your life like now after learning it?

Sharon Kane: Really the most profound is forgiveness. And that is probably the most difficult, you know, there’s so many measurables of forgiveness, right. If there was a very devastating time in my life and my young adult life and, you know, I just, yeah, I was having trouble forgiving but knew that for my soul. And that God wanted me to forgive. And it just, it’s amazing how God did step in, but I was struggling with it. I will tell you I was struggling terribly with it. And what was amazing back then when I was in the corporate world and I was flying a bit. I’m telling ya the most emit it was divine intervention because every time, I mean, it had to have been three different flights all within this period of time that I kept going “Father in heaven, show me, you know, the way, show me a path where I can be at peace with this.”And. Right two-seater plane, you know, charter flights or whatever, you know, just connecting flights. And there’s a pastor of one denomination. There’s, you know, I mean, it was just one after another three different denominations and then they strike up the conversation and I went into it and boy, it was like, okay if there’s not a bigger sign and I was just at peace. So you can see that from that, I took it into a very complex piece, but a piece meaning P I E C E, which moved to peace of heart. And while many think that in, in forgiving that you can’t forgive the other person or, you know, everybody has their different pieces, but I was able to forgive that other person, not that I’m condoning that behavior or anything along those lines, but I was able to forgive and continue on, you know, and soul fulfilled.

Michael Kuentz: Yeah, they say to forgive. Is to set a prisoner free and then discover that the prisoner was you.

Sharon Kane: Yeah.

Michael Kuentz: It is a freeing and it, you know, it doesn’t mean you forget you, you, that’s not it, but to forgive is, is something that is so. Freeing and a release from you in a weight lifted. And so I’m so glad you discovered that. I think it’s all, it’s a great reminder for us all and that daily, we should be forgiving those around us.

Sharon Kane: So, and see, that’s the key, my goal. Once you learn it on the big thing, little things that forgiveness truly prevails. You just start to go. Ah, I forgive them. You can tell they’re in a bad mood or whatever the case may be, whether it’s at the car wash, you know, regardless, wherever it is.

Michael Kuentz: It’s good. It’s wisdom. Well, Sharon, I have thoroughly enjoyed this time with you. And I hope and pray that you continue to do great things for us here and that if there’s anything we can do for you, you know where we’re at, but it was so good getting to know you. And most importantly team, I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Sharon. So, Sharon, have a great day. Happy post-Mothers Day to you, and I wish you all the best.

Sharon Kane: Thank you. A pleasure, Michael. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. I know. Appreciate it. Bye now.

Michael Kuentz: Bye.

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